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Warm Display Cases


Warmers are perfect for fast food places of all varieties, especially fish and chip shops and Chinese takeaways. They can also be useful to have in staff canteens as well as places where food is prepared and needs to be kept warm.

At Pressure-Fryers.com we have these in stock as new and refurbished as these are a core item for our customer base.

If you're not sure about the benefits of the warm display case we have listed a few below:

  • Minimum food holding temp of 72°C
  • All-round visibility to maximise food sales potential
  • Precise thermostatic control up to 95°C with digital display of cabinet temp
  • Humidity feature prevents food drying out which reduces waste
  • Illuminated to display contents with easy change clip-in fluorescent light tubes
  • Adjustable shelf heights provide flexibility to accommodate different sized products