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Pressure Fryers


Henny Penny fryers were first available for use in the catering industry as a reliable supplier of equipment in 1957. There have been many innovations into the products since then making them the leading supplier of pressure fryers today.

Not sure what model is best for you take a look at our quick guide below:

Pressure fryers

These are specifically designed to allow faster cooking at lower temperatures, these enable you to seal in moisture and natural flavour. They are best suited for items such as:

  • Chicken on the bone
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Potato wedges

At Pressure-Fryers.Com there are a number of options for you to buy


The 500 and 600 standard pressure fryers offer 4-head cooking in a narrow width of less than 20″, while the 561 features a deeper fry pot for additional capacity — up to 6 head of chicken per load.

Choose the PFE-500/PFG-600/PFE-561 when you have a normal volume of pressure frying needs or multiple items that need dedicated fryers.

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