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Open Fryers


The difference between Open frying and pressure frying is that open frying submerges food in an open vat of hot oil, and is typically used for food that floats or needs to be crispy.

Not sure what model is best for you, take a look at our quick guide below:

Open Fryers

These are specifically engineered to be a more universal platform, ensuring that food turns out crisp and delicious every time.

Choose Open Fryers when you need to cook a variety of items, from chicken to french fries.

At Pressure-Fryers.com there are a number of options for you to buy

Frymaster SR42

The Frymaster range is a whole new category of fryers, with “Value High-Efficiency”. The Frymaster SR42 has a number of selling points which will help you decide if it is the one for you

  • There is a large basin and an extra low cold zone below the heating elements which mean that any sediment particles are captured and the quality of oil increased
  • Achieve dependability through simplicity of design, durable stainless steel baffles and rugged cast iron burners
  • Durable temperature probe assures prompt recovery, reducing time lost between loads and requires no electrical hookup

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